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On March 31, 2001 six members of the 1964 and 1965 Quantico football teams gathered at a small cemetery in Bangall, New York. They were there to visit the grave of Tommy Holden who gave his life for his country on October 22, 1966 in Vietnam. Tommy, awarded two Silver Stars, was a member of the 1964 and 1965 Quantico teams. Also at the grave that day were members of Tommy's St. Mary's High School, Rutherford, NJ, class of 1959. Tommy's high school buddies invited his Marine buddies to attend St. Mary's High School homecoming game on October 27. At the game Tommy's Marine teammates would present the Most Valuable Player Award given annually in Tommy's name.

Tom's six Marine teammates decided to try to expand their group. By the time the game rolled around in October the list of former Quantico ball players located had grown to over 30. Thirteen of the members from 1964 and 1965 teams attended the game. Many of the attendees brought their wives. A great time was had by all and it was decided to have another get together at Camp Lejeune the weekend of May 3, 2002.

Again the list of former athletes grew and by the time May arrived there were over 50 names on our roster. Twenty-four attended the May festivities and seventeen brought their wives. It goes without saying, "Everyone had a great time". At the October football weekend and at Camp Lejeune the wives all had a wonderful time and fit in as though they had known each other forever. It is strongly recommended that wives be encouraged to come to any future reunions.

In May of 2003 and 2004 our Reunions were held at Quantico. We returned to Camp Lejeune for our 2005 Reunion. In 2006, we journeyed to the left coast and held our Reunion in San Diego. For our 2007 Reunion we went back to Quantico, and used this occasion to dedicate a monument at the Basic School. This monument honors the 11 Quantico athletes who gave their lives, in Vietnam, in service to their country. Our 2008 Reunion took place in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC. We visited San Antonio, TX in early April for our 2009 Reunion. Approximately 60 ball players, plus wives, friends and family, attend each Reunion. Quantico teams from the late '40's through early '70's are represented.

We have about 270 members on our Roster. The number of our members is receding. Last year more members passed away, than were added to our Roster. They stopped making Quantico Athletes in the early 1970's. Find that guy that you haven't seen in 40+ years and bring him to the Reunion.


Our group is a loosely run organization. There are no dues or other financial commitments. Our main purpose is to gather each year to renew past friendships. An auxiliary agenda of our group is to in some way honor our teammates who gave their lives as Marines in service to our country.

You can read about Gene Carrington's search in his own words in "Looking for Tommy". Are you familiar with the name John Gunn? Here's his story. Or perhaps you are interested in a specific sport played at Quantico. If so you can learn more on Football, Basketball or Track.

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